The Foundation

The Dieter Morszeck Foundation is a non-profit, civil-law foundation with registered office in Cologne, established in 2016

by Mr Dieter Morszeck.


The Dieter Morszeck Foundation will operate worldwide to the benefit of the general public with the vigour, commitment, creativity and perseverance, with which Dieter Morszeck developed RIMOWA, the premium luggage manufacturer, into a global company from 1972 onwards in the role of entrepreneur and CEO.


The main focus is on helping and encouraging people.


For this reason, the Dieter Morszeck Foundation has dedicated itself to the following purposes.


Top-level funding for top-level research

Cologne entrepreneur Dieter Morszeck, former managing director and owner of RIMOWA, donated part of his fortune to the Dieter Morszeck Foundation in 2017. The foundation has three priorities and supporting research on cancer ...


Dieter Morszeck Foundation enables construction of two CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER School Gardens

The Brazilian NGO CIDADES SEM FOME (CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER) was able to create two school gardens in the east of the megacity São Paulo thanks to a donation of 15,000 euros from the Dieter Morszeck Foundation. ...

Air rescue

The development, maintenance and operation of air rescue systems such as that operated by the Swiss Air Rescue Service Rega, including the funding of complementing facilities such as accident and emergency departments in hospitals, or the development of equipment in accident and emergency departments and aircraft, in order to support air rescue systems.


The first site is currently being developed in Brazil, with the aim of offering people in a poorly accessible area a chance to participate in the health system.

Research & Science

The promotion and financing of preventative and curative health care through the financing of a new wing at the children’s hospital at Amsterdamer Str. in Cologne, in the foreseeable amount of 9,000,000.00 EUR.

Funding of the National Centre for Tumour Disease in Heidelberg. The sponsor of the centre is the Deutsche Krebsforschungszentrum (German Cancer Research Centre), the University Clinic Heidelberg, the Thorax Clinic Heidelberg and the Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Support Organisation). Funding agreements have been signed for a total volume of 30,000,000.00 EUR.


By creating and equipping a biorepository building with a unique, fully-automated, robotic liquid biopsy facility, combined with a semi-automatic living biopsy platform, the Dieter Morszeck Foundation will make an essential contribution towards establishing a central infrastructure that will close a current loophole in many innovative cancer research projects from various areas of early detection, medication development and therapy control.


One of the major challenges faced by cancer research in the coming years is the establishment of even more precise, non-invasive means of biological imaging with positron-emissions tomography (PET), MRT and other technologies, in particular in terms of biologically relevant information on the tumour tissue. Biological tumour imaging during therapy is of essential clinical importance in terms of tracking the course of the treatment, and of potentially being able to adapt the treatment strategy in line with the imaging. A technologically ultra-modern “Pre-clinical Trial Unit” (PTU)  for imaging and image-guided therapy is being set up and equipped with the help of the funding from the Dieter Morszeck Foundation. In addition, a corresponding research group with endowed professorship will be set up to enable full use of this research unit.


Thanks to the establishment of a further research or next-generation group for early cancer detection, the Dieter Morszeck Foundation will make a significant contribution towards further developments of the early detection of cancer.


An essential contribution towards the training of clinician scientists will be made with the help of a special “Clinician Scientists” program, sponsored by the Dieter Morszeck Foundation. In total, five to eight clinician scientists will be accepted per year, meaning that, when fully developed, roughly 20 young doctors can be trained simultaneously in this programme. There is currently a major worldwide shortage of so-called clinician scientists in cancer medicine, i.e. doctors who undergo both further training as specialists in cancer treatments as well as extensive scientific training over a period of one to three years. The training and further training of next-generation talent in medical research represents a significant driving force for the development of innovations in medicine.


The Dieter Morszeck Foundation promotes the establishment of a research group, including endowed professorship, in conjunction with a laboratory unit for single-cell analysis. This is intended to advance method development in the promising research area of single-cell analysis with a particular focus on bio-informatic evaluation procedures, in order to gain new knowledge concerning the molecular heterogeneity of tumours. Improved understanding of these underlying mechanisms is essential in order to be able to predict therapy success, and to adapt therapy procedures individually if necessary.


Promoting the school education of children, youths and students through the founding and maintaining of schools, or promoting existing schools, further-education facilities and universities as well as the promotion of individual persons in this field through the award of scholarships, the assumption of costs for school materials or the organisation and financing of meals in the respective educational institutions as well as the promotion and support of the parents themselves, so that they can provide better support to the children and young people.


Financing of projects, in particular enabling financially disadvantaged children and young people to enjoy as many happy and carefree moments as possible.  The Foundation will therefore organise and finance festivities, excursions and holiday stays for children, youths and their families, or promote such projects. To this end, the Foundation can also fund or build and maintain holiday facilities, whether stationary or mobile, including global cooperation arrangements with other non-profit organisations.

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